We are law-iN flow

We are bringing flow to business by first class legal support.
Our back office team of lawyers harmonize company with legislation so it can work on core activity at full speed. We consider it kind of art. You need talent, experience and sense for detail. That makes us reliable partner supporting the Swiss Asset Managers for many years. We are lovin' flow. Are you in?

law-iN compliance

We accord your Asset Management with law around the world using Distribution clarifications, Marketing Material reviews or unique Disclaimer tool


Susan Denker

Senior Financial Lawyer

Susan creates marketing material review for asset managers. She is also familiar with cross-border distribution of investment funds to professional and retail clients. She is experienced in drafting and reviewing of various documents. Susan has been a part of the team since 2014, becoming a Senior Financial Lawyer in 2016. She has worked as manager at Agrokomplex exhibitions for 14 years before.

Languages: English, German

Susan Denker About me

law-iN Intellectual Property Law

We create every detail of your Trademark and Design registration


Martin Tyrol

Junior Financial Lawyer

Martin is the latest addition to the team. He has joined from Baker McKenzie (London). Martin is experienced with a number of clients predominantly in the area of financial services marketing materials and cross-border distribution of financial products.

Languages: English, Spanish

law-iN Back Office Support and models of cooperation

We harmonize your needs in Conducting researches and Negotiations, Review and Management of contracts

Our qualified English speaking employees prepare all documents for the client in respect of the client´s structure, products and entities. Client can order a specific document or service. Our ultimate responsibility is that both product and the know-how remain with the client.
Our qualified English speaking employees and human resource management are supporting clients on an hourly basis (German on demand). The client’s responsibility is to provide all the necessary information regarding the task. We will deliver the non-binding time estimate which will enable the client to assess whether the hourly model suits the client the best.
Our qualified English speaking employees are working exclusively for the client (German on demand). There will be a leading Senior on the project supported by team members specialized in the area of client’s activities.